What can Stackful Help With?

Stackful is a bespoke web consultancy.  We solve website or web infrastructure problems, big or small, without locking you into unnecessary plans or systems.  The game plan is to get you up and running and as self sufficient as possible.

Stackful is also happy to take on regular gigs such as ongoing website and server maintenance, security updates and the like, on an as-needed basis.

For more detail, check out some of the more common things we can help out with.

Website Troubleshooting

Is your website catastrophically broken, or do you have a niggling bug that you can’t for the life of you nail down and eliminate?  We can help at either end of the scale, and with just about anything in between.  With nearly 20 years of web development experience on a variety of platforms and in a variety of languages, we can normally pinpoint and fix issues quickly, and more importantly, in a way that minimises the potential for more errors down the track.

WordPress / Drupal Development

WordPress and Drupal are where we shine.  If you need a plugin, module or theme built or customised, we can nail it inexpensively and efficiently while writing highly compatible, extensible and maintainable code.

Full Stack Web Development

We provide end to end website builds and assist with redevelopment of existing websites.  “Full Stack” means development on the “Front End” – what the end user sees in their web browser, and “Back End” – all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes on the web server, like databases, web server code and otherwise. We make sure the bridge between the front end and back end is seamless, and the overall solution is performant and easily maintainable

Managed Web / VPS Hosting

You can pick up web hosting cheaply just about anywhere, but it’s more difficult to find affordable management services.  We aim to provide management services that adapt to your web hosting situation, and if that isn’t possible, recommend a configuration that is affordable, secure and robust.  Our managed VPS service package includes regular server software updates, security audits, server hardening and performance testing.

AWS or other Cloud Service Consultancy

Confused by cloud services or unsure how they differ from regular web hosting?  We can help get you up and running with some of the most cutting edge cloud service implementations to supercharge your website’s performance and cut costs.

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